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History Of Picture Framing In Melbourne

Picture framing in Melbourne having over a hundred years history became famous for last few decades. The most ancient framed Picture what was found in Melbourne was framed in 1881 though human race was introduced to frame image dating before 200 A.D. A study at Melbourne University on Picture Framing shows that it was a wooden frame to start framing at Melbourne. In this 120 years, Picture framing becomes more general idea including photo framing, Art Consultancy, Art restoration, Exhibition and custom picture framing.

History Of Picture Framing In Melbourne

Professional Picture Framing in Melbourne was introduced in the middle of the last century. Based on Fundamental materials like wood, glass, etc. people started framing professionally. Beginning of Professional Picture Framer Association (PPFA), Australia chapter on 21 August 1971 was a historical and devastating event to flourish picture framing industry in Australia. In next ten years, picture framing became a great business to run as organization or company format. In 2003 Picture frames Guild of Australia Incorporated has been established to provide some extra facilities like galleries, picture hanging services, and suppliers for primarily involved people to framing industry.

In recent years Picture Framing and Picture framer’s are beauty of the city. It draws the attention of a journalist, critics, and museum professional including public institutions of Australia. Picture framing in Melbourne highlight the native culture, nature, people, city life, rich artistic work including historically significant European frames. Australian museums lead various researchers for locally made frames and frame maker. Multiple associations, research institutions, campaign, and training system provide various services to make this profession easier for beginners. Research on 19th-century picture framing in Melbourne has been undertaken by Melbourne University. This study shows that European Impressionism has been expressed through the structures of Melbourne including the artistic movement of 1880 to 1890 in Australia.

Picture framing in Melbourne produced some renown figure as picture frame artists such as Tom Robbers, Author Streeton, Charles Conder and Jhon Mather.Framing the arts of these famous artists can be recognized as a golden achievement of Australian farming industry. Their art makes framing famous to the continent as a profession.

Picture framing in Melbourne mounted Australian life regarding various points of view. It framed Australian mythology, White settlement, Experiences of middle-class people, new theme, and European renaissance along with nature, people and culture. Most of the frames of 19 century were square and landscape. Printing was black and white. Materials were standard and shortlisted. But in touch with technology frame makers got a lot of equipment to the frame.

Though framing was a new idea to the people of Melbourne, the industry became enriched in a short time. Online idea sharing and communication forcibly encouraged the industry of Picture Framing in Melbourne in last two decade. The social network, online galleries, and Exhibitions coverage made easy to share the new idea of binding, framing, and imaging.

Melbourne is one of the largest metropolises of Australia. About 4 million people live in this city. 1.2 % of this population is traditionally carvers and gilders. Carvers and Gilders are the successors of frame maker’s entity. Now most of them had left their ancestors profession but identified by their body till today. In very recent time there is no group or entity to do frame making.But firm, galleries and Picture framing company’s haired professional frame-maker. It is also found that the photographer or artist make his frame for his musical piece of work. Picture framing in Melbourne became an art to highlight as a traditional culture. It could be a mark to identify the city dweller as successors’ of the picture frame.