The History of Australia

Australia's Aborigines!

The wilderness grew dark as embers burst wildly from the fire.  The Aborigine's faces were visible only by the light from the lamp's glow.  The deep voice echoed across the desert floor as the oldest Aborigine began his tail of Uluru.  I'd always seen the massive rock, Uluru, in advertisements for Australia and now I sat only feet away.  Surrounded by the oldest living culture on earth, I heard the legend of the Uluru straight from its people.

Australia's Aborigines!

Captivated by the spiritual tale, I ached to stay in Australia longer.  Already here a week, my return to the states was looming over my head like a giant boulder.  Australia had been a thrilling adventure so far, and I was eager to make it last.  As soon as I returned to my canvas tent that night, I whipped out my Blackberry device and brought up my WorldMate travel software (yeah, I'm a techno geek!).  My return flight was set to leave tomorrow afternoon.  I knew what I had to do.  I canceled my trip and set up another one for the following week.  Worldmate had clearly outlined each returning flight, so it was a snap to find one and set it up.  I blew out my lantern and happily surrendered myself to sleep.

The next day, I retrieved my pack from the well-used jeep and took a long look at Gippsland, Victoria. The Aborigines had mesmerized my attention, and I wanted to see more.  Two old Aborigine women were talking rattling away in an ancient language as they made baskets.   Passing them, I stopped to watch a man fashion spearheads.  I offered to purchase one and gladly tucked it away in my pack.  I was amazed at their skill and craftsmanship.  My tour guide stood ahead and beckoned me forward.  The rest of the day I spent traipsing after him through fern gullies and thick eucalyptus forests.  The ancient Aborigine routes we took were 18,000 years old.

The rugged coastline stretched out before me that evening as I nibbled on my traditional Aborigine meal.  My attention was captured as I watched the Aborigines performed an ancient chant to entertain the outsiders who were present.  I anticipated traveling to Coorong the next day where I would kayak through waterways and old lagoons.   Glancing at my Blackberry, I quickly booked a hotel for tomorrow eve using WorldMate Live Gold.  Australia still had more in store for me, 'and I wouldn't leave until I discovered what that was.